Psychological Heath & Spirituality

Sometimes we just need headspace. Peaceful Quiet tranquility. 

Each day our attention is being pulled in multiple directions. Whether phones, emails, pagers, or alarms are sounding, there are infinite reasons for you to be distracted. Take a 5 minute break to center yourself. The world will still be here when you return. 

How do I keep my mind healthy in a world that seems to pull me in every direction? 

Who do I talk to when I feel overwhelmed or out of touch?

What does it even mean to be spiritual?

Why are we discussing spirituality on a wellness forum?

Meditation has been shown to help with stress and reduce anxiety. 

Interested in reading more about meditation?

  • "Wherever you go, there you are" By: Jon Kobat-Zinn

  • "The Art of Happiness" By: Howard Cutler and the Dalai Lama

  • Headspace (APP)