There is more to wellness than just exercise...

We want to challenge you to be a well rounded individual. Whether you are pushing yourself to your personal limits or edging up on your classmates' leads, we believe each challenge below will allow you to grow progressively stronger.

"Comfort does not make you happy, on the contrary it is dangerous to your health. It makes you lazy, fat, and bored. It is only by using energy that you can create energy and it is the surplus of energy that makes you happy and healthy."




Getting tired of staring at textbooks? Look no further because we've got a list of awesome books to help you remember what "pleasure reading" feels like.  

Tour De 



July 20 - Sept. 1, 2019




Completing an Ironman is easier than you think, especially if it's done over the course of the year! Keep us updated on your progress below.

XSport & GPS wellness Semester 


Believe it or not, every time you go to XSport for your work outs, you're in the running for this challenge.  Hitting your XSport Fitness fob as you enter shows up on the end of the semester utilization report.  This number added to the number of GPS student wellness events attended totals up to produce a winner.  There is one prize awarded at the end of each semester.

Quadruple Crown


At the end of the year, the GPS Wellness team will be recognizing one student who has gone above and beyond in participating the most in each challenge.